Best Way to Use a Free Timeline Generator

When you need to create a timeline for an important meeting or presentation, sometimes it can be quite stressful to make it look presentable. This is especially true when you have no idea what to do or how to even start the project. Thankfully, many sites offer a free timeline generator for you to use.

There are actually some generators that will help you create a professional looking timeline right inside of PowerPoint. They are also perfect for when you need to make changes to it in a hurry, such as when you need to update a timeline schedule.

free timeline generator

Many timeline generators will have wizards available in the software to help you create a timeline and guide you every step of the way. All you have to do is download the software, open the wizard, and input the needed information. The software will do all the work for you.

Even if you aren’t in the business world and need high-quality presentations for meetings, you may still have need for this type of software. You may be a high school or college student and need to create a timeline for a history or geography course. Or you may have a group project and you want to keep track of who is doing what for the project and when certain pieces are due.

When using a timeline generator you will get the opportunity to choose the type of timeline that you want to create. There is a horizontal timeline that can be best used to see how a project is tracking as it goes along. You will also be able to easily see how all the information within the timelines relates to one another.

Vertical timelines is useful for when you want to track amounts against each other, such as when you want to see how many sales everyone on your team is making. Who is doing the most, who is doing the least, and everyone in between.

Chronology chart timelines is the perfect type of timeline for those needing to do historical timelines for a school project. They allow you to see at a glance the order of events throughout a period of time. They generally follow a specific order for accuracy and are often times not updated like some of the other types of timelines.

Interactive timelines, also called dynamic timelines, are one of the last types of timelines. These are timelines that you can move through and changed the data within as needed. You can interact with the data to uncover further data than what you see at first glance. This type of timeline is perfect for those projects that take many months to complete and contain a lot of necessary information and data.

The last thing to really know is that the vertical and chronology type timelines are also often call static timelines. They are often used to see all the necessary information all at once. It’s usually strict information that doesn’t require much interactivity and the information entered isn’t usually changed much if at all.